Literary Elements In The Most Dangerous Game, By Richard Connell

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"The world is made up of two classes-the hunters, and the huntees.” This short story written by Richard Connell, “The Most Dangerous Game,” contains many literary devices that make a story come alive. In this specific short story, conflict, plot, and suspense are used to push the story forward. Connell's way of using these three specific elements keeps the reader attentive, and creates a memory for the reader of an incredible short story. First, conflict is the struggle between opposing forces is shown in many ways throughout the story. Connell shows conflict periodically throughout the story line to add to the plot. For example, when Rainsford fell off the boat he “Desperately he struck out with strong strokes after the receding of the …show more content…

For example, when he was on the island and had nearly just escaped Zaroff he felt a new challenge coming “It was a distant sound, faint and wavering, but he knew it. It was the baying of a pack of hounds” (35). This creates eeriness and locks in the reader’s attention and leaves them speculating. This describes one of Rainsford’s obstacles remaining on the island which was Zaroff’s hunting dogs. Another example would be when the audience believes that Rainsford is dead they are startled when, “A man, who had been hiding in the curtain of the bed, was standing there” (36). Now the suspense is at its peak since the reader has many speculations of the man’s identity, and the future of General Zaroff. The numerous examples of suspense found in the story holds the reader’s utmost attention. In conclusion, the literary elements of conflict, plot, and suspense truly drive the story from beginning to end in “The Most Dangerous Game.” Connell’s way of using literary devices and immense detail to craft a short story leaves an impression in the reader’s mind. The illustrations of these key literary elements are used in the best way possible to make a brilliant short

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