Literature Review: Customer Satisfaction And Repurchase Intenment

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LITERATURE REVIEW Customers Satisfaction and Repurchase Intentions Intentions are subjective opinions regarding on the behavior of an individual in the future and normally serves as dependent variables in most of the consumer service studies and customer satisfaction philosophies (Kew and Yap, 2007; Boulding, Kalra, Staeling and Zeithaml, 1993; Soderlund and Ohman, 2003). Hellier, Geursen, Carr and Rickard (2003) defined repurchase intention as a person’s decision on repurchasing a chosen service from the same service provider, in view of that individual’s current conditions and probable circumstances. On the other hand, customer satisfaction is as a general evaluation of the service provider’s performance based on all of their preceding experiences with a company (Wu, 2013; Anderson, Fornell, and Lehmann, 1994). From the various studies in food service industry conducted in the past, consumers repurchase intention is often utilized as a measure of customer’s satisfaction. In addition, customer satisfaction is repeatedly used as a predictor of whether customers will revisit a restaurant (Soriano, 2002). For instance, Leon and Leslie (2006) cited that level of customers’ satisfaction on products or services delivered by an organization is quantified by the frequency of repeat purchase by consumers (Wu, 2013). Furthermore, one of the major findings of the research done by Saleha Anwar and Amir Gulzar (2011) suggested that food, service and physical environment have great

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