Literature Review On Community Libraries

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Literature Review Introduction: The International Federation of Library Association (IFLA) and the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization( UNESCO) describes the public library as: “an organization established, supported and funded by the community organization, it provides access to knowledge, information and works of imagination through a wide range of resources and services, making it equally available to all members of the community regardless of race, nationality, age, gender, religion, language, disability, economic and employment status”.(Ref) This definition emphasizes that public/community libraries are more than just rooms with books and computers, for they provide public access to knowledge and information. They also promote reading and literature to all ages from the cradle to the grave. This is supported by Mnkeni-Saurombe & Zimu, (2013), “Libraries stand for the important values in society including intellectual freedom, equality of opportunity, engaged citizenship, and informed democracy and a society in which people have the chance to reach their potential”. To lay a foundation for the literature review, it is important to examine the terms, Public and Community Library. As indicated by Mnkeni-Saurombe and Zimu (2013), a confusion has arisen about these terms (Mnkeni- Saurombe& Zimu: 2013). This is with regards to the notion, that community libraries are managed by people while public libraries are administered by the government.

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