Genie Wiley Case Study

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Genie Wiley was a beautiful little girl, born in 1957 to a sadistic father and an abused mother who wrongfully assumed that she, upon her 20th month of life, possessed mentally retarded characteristic. At the cruel hands of her father, little Genie suffered unspeakable atrocities. Genie was forced to exist in a chicken-wire cage located in a locked room at the rear of the home with only a potty-chair for furniture. With windows covered up by aluminum foil, Genie never received natural sunlight. For her first eleven years, Genie endured beatings with foot-boards. Every time she was beaten, she growled like an animal. Because of her abuse, she demonstrated the characteristics of a wild animal.
In addition, Genie’s father always sat with a gun in this lap to intimidate her. Her solitary confinement was described as a “simulated concentration camp.” At the age of thirteen, her living
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It is well known that the cerebellum is an information processor. Our neocortex (the part of the brain that controls higher thought) does not receive information unfiltered. There are critical steps that have to happen between when external information is detected by our brain and when it reaches the neural cortex. In Autism, something in that process goes wrong and one thing could be that sensory information is not processed correctly in the cerebellum.” Utilizing unadulterated information from Autism Speaks thoroughly describes the particular region of the brain as it relates to autism, according to In conclusion, indicates that Genie’s case became a case study and presented as “Developmental Consequence of Extreme Social Isolation.” Today, Genie is a fifty-year old woman who is now able to speak and perform sign
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