Literature Review On Urban Development

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2.1 Introduction
Urban Development is the science of managing and directing city growth with respects to the discipline of land utilization planning which explores a very wide range of aspects of the built and social environments. Urban development process is a highly complicated process containing various phases. As a main core of the process, urban design gives numbers of proposed plans that are called alternatives. It is worthy to mention that the decision making concerning differentiating between these alternatives is the most crucial phase of urban development process; as accordingly the adaptation and implantation of urban plans can take place. Urban projects have many problems that are surely affect the assessment processes of alternatives and therefore the choice of their best. Chapter two aims to express the terms of urban design, development alternatives, assessment processes in the field of urban planning. As shown in figure 2.1, chapter two outlines the research field of study while spotting the light on a comprehensive comparison between a numbers of famous assessment methods in urban planning in order to recognize their advantages and disadvantages. Through discussing and analyzing their complexities and problems, the main defects and gabs represented in the uncertainty and fuzziness of assessment process will be concluded by the end of this chapter, figure 2.1.

Fig. 2.1 Chapter two outline
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2.2 Urban

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