Little Haiti Community-As-As-Partner Model: A Case Study

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Anderson and McFarlane (2004) defined community assessment as a process; it is the act of becoming acquainted with a community (p.169). Community Assessment is similar to a physical assessment of a person because one has to review the history, examine all areas thoroughly, and report problem areas encountered. The community that was assessed was Little Haiti. The main method used in learning about the neighborhood was observation. Observing the community allows the viewer to examine the community from both an outsider and an insider’s perspective. During the 1970’s, the socio-economic conditions in Haiti deteriorated with widespread corruption, an increasingly repressive state, inadequate basic social and economic infrastructure and a total…show more content…
HIV is growing rapidly in the community of Little Haiti due to lack of knowledge about the disease process. In this project, the Community-as-Partner model was used because it focuses on the community as partner and the use of the nursing process. Community-as-partner model is a nursing process consists of assessment, nursing diagnosis, plan, interventions, and evaluation (Anderson & McFarlane, 2004). Assessing the community gives the assessor the opportunity to interact with members, viewing the community through lenses of the member and the…show more content…
To achieve this goal, a short term and long term approach will be use to educate residents of little Haiti about HIV/AIDS. The short term intervention will target the Haitians in this community, and the long term intervention will target the teenagers that are in school. The short term goal is to use a well-known Haitian radio station listen by the majority of the Haitians living in Dade and Broward County to educate about HIV/AIDS in both English and Creole their native language. The long term goal is to educate the students from the middle school and the high school in this community about
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