Little Rock Nine: America's Determination For Integration

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America’s Determination for Integration
This painting represents the large impact that the Little Rock Nine made on not only the black community, but President Eisenhower as well.
The monster in the painting has “America’s determination for integration” written on it, and is depicted as a giant green beast because in the eyes of Governor Faubus and other white people, school desegregation was a scary thing and they feared would ruin their lives.
On the far right of the painting, Governor Faubus is standing with a sword that says “National Guard”, and we see Elizabeth Eckford 's head on the ground. This represents Faubus’s decision to order the National Guard to prevent Elizabeth from entering Central High in Arkansas. He “cut” off Elizabeth’s opportunity to integrate an all white school. Although Governor Faubus did not physically hurt Elizabeth …show more content…

Although he did not fully support desegregation, he could not stand the court, he supported the Supreme Court’s decision to desegregate schools. He tried to persuade Faubus to let the Little Rock Nine enter Central High. But when Faubus did not comply, Eisenhower sent 1,200 members of the U.S. 101st Airborne Division to aid the Little Rock Nine and put the National Guard under federal control. Eisenhower was determined to achieve integration.
The second and third heads on the monster are Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X. The Little Rock Nine’s struggle was an inspiration to major leaders such as these two, who fought for African Americans in similar situations, when they were being unfairly segregated.
The fourth head represents Ms. Daisy Bates, who organized the Little Rock Nine into a group and drive them to Central High. More than that, she represents the black community in general. When the Little Rock Nine were met with such fierce racism and hatred but still went to Central High, African Americans were inspired to fight for desegregation

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