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Live cell therapy and treatment for aging diseases

Cell therapists since the time of Paul Niehans have always emphasised on a holistic approach to treat aging diseases. Live cell therapy is not a cure for all ailments, but for many patients suffering from serious aging diseases, e.g., Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, macular degeneration, cardiovascular diseases, diabetic complications, etc., the quality of life can be considerably improved. Live cell therapy is a powerful harmoniser of the endocrine system. In the elderly with low sex hormone levels, hormone replacement therapy or live cell therapy may be prescribed. Get the advice of a cell therapist to help you with the prescription.

A detailed assessment of the patient using
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• Mild to moderate daily physical activity (for one week after cell therapy).
• Avoidance of exposure to strong sunlight (for one week after cell therapy).

After a course of live cell therapy, some of the benefits observed are:

• Improved mental functioning (relaxed feeling, stamina, alertness memory) and physical stamina.
• Increased vitality and metabolism.
• Quality sleeping pattern.
• Reduced wrinkles.
• Healthier skin colour.
• Enhanced blood circulation.
• Improved appetite.

The effects of live cell therapy vary with each patient. But, unlike drug therapy, it is pervasive and lasts a long time. There may be those who feel the effects for a long time after only one treatment, while there are those who “know” that they need a repeat by two years after the preceding treatment. They need to discuss this with their doctors.

Case example

Name: DBR (M)
DOB: 27 January 1927
Symptoms: • Dysphasia, lethargy, memory loss, slow and slur speech, pleurisy, uncontrollable quick temper and mood swing.
• Lost muscle strength, libido.
• CHF and disorientation.

1st SCT: 4 November 2009
(82 years & 9 months)
1. Liver
2. Thymus
3. Placenta
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