Locavore Movement Essay

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Around the world more and more people are doing their best to eat healthier, one of the ways they are doing this is with the locavore movement. The locavore movement is a way of eating where all of the food that one consumes is both produced and sold locally. Locavores choose to eat food that has come from their community rather than from across the nation. Eating food that is from one’s local community is incredibly beneficial to both the environment and the health of the citizens, to greatly important components of a functional community. If a community were to implement the locavore movement, it would better the economy and enhance the nutrition and health.

Bringing the locavore movement into a community can bring along with it a better economic situation. Instead of going to the nearest Walmart where your “money leaves the community at every transaction”, spending your money at local farmers markets will allow for the profits to be kept inside the of the community (Source A). Allowing more profits to be flooded into a community will benefit small farms, creating more local jobs which will enable the economy to grow and prosper. According to the …show more content…

Why wouldn 't a community want to better their economy and make its citizens healthier, creating an overall better environment? Creating a better economy and a healthier population are only a couple ways that the locavore movement would help a community thrive. Having a more affluent and healthy population causes the trend to spread to different surrounding areas and communities, which could cause the locavore movement to blossom in an entire state and over time could become prevalent in an entire nation. And wherever the locavore movement goes, the benefits and implications follow closely behind meaning that an entire nation could improve their economics and health, helping them surpass other

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