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Longboards is all fun and intriguing sport for most people across the universe. Longboards and traveling go hand in hand. Longboards entails traveling to various adventurous places and a different locations in different parts of the world. Traveling to adventurous places for londboardings enables longboarders from different parts of the world to associate and compete with one another. Moreso, there are many places in the world that serve the best destinations for longboarders. Plus, cities across the globe diffrs and some are better than others. Longboarding in a foreign country or city will save you some token as far as it is longboarding all day. However, your place of residence is a factor here but as it is, longboarders will go anywhere, even in the unthinkable places of all. If you really want to longboard around the globe, consider visiting one of these places. They have nice architectures, crime-free, favorable …show more content…

Seoul, South Korea Seoul is the capital city of South Korea. Although, Seoul is yet to b recognized as on of the best destinations to enjoy longboards but this will certainly be realized soonest. There are several factors that makes Seoul to be a destination for longboarders and this is simply because of its smooth beautiful roads, the favorable government regulations and the skate parks. There are no laws and regulations against longboarding and you won't have no cause to be harassed or arrested for longboarding. Most of the roads in Seoul are built with concrete and marbles which enables longboarders to skate even better. Seoul has one of the most recognized skate parks in the world and it is well managed and promoted. 3. Portland, Oregon, USA Cities in the United State of America is a top destination for most longboarders. And Portland in USA is one of those cities. The lanes on Portland roads are specially designed for longboarding. Plus, the government fully support the sport and also facilitate in promoting it to a great

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