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I wanted a longboard really bad. As bad as I wanted it I didn 't want to earn it or work for it. But for my birthday I got 100 dollars cash. So I was saving it for a longboard. As the time went on I ended up spending that money. By the time my parent would allow me to by my own longboard I only had about 30 to 40 dollars left. I think that we all know is that longboards are expensive and the one I wanted was up to 230 dollars. Do you want to know the reason why it was that expensive.
“ Mom can you buy me a longboard I don 't have that much money from my birthday and the one that Dominique got for her boyfriend Efrain is the kind that I want.”
So my parents were being reasonable about them telling me after I said that statement that I
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“If you want a longboard so bad you need to work for it and you can mow peoples lawn or do work around here in the house.”
After that I went to my dad and I said,
“Dad I need you to teach me how to mow a lawn.”
So then after that he showed me how to mow a lawn and after that he said,
“Now are you ready to go and ask the other neighbors if they want you to mow their lawn and earn some money”
Anyway after that I took that information that my dad had given me and went back to the back yard and grabbed the lawn mower took it out front and started walking around the neighborhood with the lawn mower. I went door to door and asking and getting rejected by the people who don 't want their lawn mowed or trimmed. Meanwhile after that hard work I came home and went right to my dad pouting.
“ Daaaaaaaa, nobody let me mow their lawn now what am I supposed to do no0w there isn 't anything else to do to earn money!”, I yelled.
After that my dad told me to sit down and talked to me about other opportunities of how I can earn money for my longboard. So he suggested babysitting for other people. Then I said,
“But don 't you need a babysitting license for that”
“ Well yes you do and I 'm sure that they 'll have them at the thornton rec. center.”,
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