Looking For Alibrandi Identity Essay

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Teens thought they were dealing with the worst of the many problems, but after reading this book they now realise it was nothing compared to problems faced in this novel. The novel Looking for Alibrandi, by Melina Marchetta. This book is about a seventeen year old girl named, Josephine Alibrandi who is in the final year of school. This is a fictional novel that explores the identity of Australian teens, multiculturalism, and teenage life. Josie is the school captain of her girl’s private school called, St. Martha’s. In this novel Josie faces different problems and tries to find herself a spot in this world.
The novel starts off rather slowly, but as you continue to read this novel, you’ll realise you were reading a novel the main character, …show more content…

In the book there was a very well-known event in the book that I’ll never forget. This event was when John Barton suicides and when Josie found out about she turned hot-blooded and over dramatic in second and then she realised that these things happen she must keep moving forward, this was mostly taught by Michael Andretti. And Josie’s best friends, Lee, Sera and Taylor played an important part in the novel because Josie’s friends helped her in taking choices and decision. Josie always disagreed with Nonna but when she found out about her dark secret, they both formed a strong bond between each other. After this event she learned that not everything is as it seems.
Also Josie is jealous of all of the other students because they have what Josie does not have and that is wealth. Especially Ivy Lloyd even though she hides it from everyone else. Then when John Barton suicides, Josie and Ivy settled their differences and became friends. And after John Barton suicides Michael Andretti said to Josie, a person doesn’t necessarily have to be happy just because they have social standing and material wealth. Then after that that type incident changed my opinion on the book. Because the tragedy that was shown was so full of emotion, that it could make an emo turn into a positive

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