Love And Espionage In Casablanca

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Love & Espionage Formerly screened in New York on November 1942 and largely released in January 1943, Casablanca, a moving love story consisting of many emotional turns and slightly similar to the chaos surrounding WWII. A mixture of Love, politics, and war was the atmosphere created by the Director Michael Curtiz. Three of the top screenwriters of all times, Julius Epstein, Philip Epstein and Howard Koch wrote this award-winning movie. Casablanca was adapted from the stage play Everybody Comes to Ricks. The movie’s lead actors were Richard ‘Rick’ Blaine (Humphrey Bogart), Ilsa Lund (Ingrid Bergman) and Victor Laszlo (Paul Henreid). During the beginning of WWII, after Hitler took over Poland and working his way through a majority of Europe,…show more content…
He started off in love and then eventually a cynical, isolated hard- hearted man. He stayed clear of taking sides between the Germans and the French, of which he emulated how the United States was handling the war as a whole. At the end of the movie, his true feelings for Ilsa were apparent. Ilsa Lund was a beautiful young woman with an open heart. She was sad and lonely when she thought her husband Victor had lost his life in the war. Ilsa’s love for Rick was true; however, she was very cautious about her private life as a result of being a wife of one of the leaders of the French Resistance. Once she learned of her husband being alive, the love and loyalty that was once shared came back into existence as she decided to allow Rick to leave Paris without her. Her love for both men left her confused as to how it would all end. Victor Laszlo, a very loyal citizen of France and a member of the French Resistance. He was a brave man willing to put his life on the line to help his country. His charismatic personality could get anyone to follow him. As illustrated in the movie, once he heard the German Anthem, he instructed the band to play the French Anthem, leaving the German’s furious. He was also an understanding man as he gained knowledge of his wife’s
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