Superb Lyrebird Essay

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The superb lyrebird is found in Australia and Tasmania. They like to live in moist forests.

The male superb lyrebird is 80 to 100cm long and the females are 74 to 84cm long. They weigh 957g. The are gorgeous bird with their amazing looking tail.

The superb lyrebird will eat both meat and insects.

The male superb lyrebird will mate with multiple females. They contribute nothing to caring for the babies. The female will build a messy looking nest. She will lay 1 egg and sit on it until it hatches in about 50 days.

The superb lyrebird is not a good flier because their wings are weak and short. They are capable of jumping onto tree branches and rocks and then they will glide down to the forest floor.

The superb lyrebird is one of Australia
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They like to live in open dry forests and woodlands that are near water. They will also live in farmlands that have a lot of trees like orchards. They also like golf courses.

The Apostlebird has a body that is dark grey. Their wings are brown, and their tail is black. They will usually live in groups made up of 6 to 10 birds. They are usually found roaming around on the ground. The are 29 to 33cm long and will weigh 128g.

They will usually eat seeds, plants, insects and small vertebrates. The Apostlebird looks for food on the ground in large groups.

The Apostlebird will gather in groups of 10 or more related birds during mating season. The group will be made up of 1 male and several females plus young family members that help with the chores. The nest is made of mud and is bowl shaped and built on a branch that is 3 to 20m off of the ground. They line the nest with grass. The members of the group contribute to building a nest, feeding the babies, and the male and female will sit on the eggs. Many eggs will sometimes be laid in the nest, but 4 babies will usually survive to fledge.

The Apostlebird has become very tame around humans. They are common around farms and campsites.

They are not considered
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