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Infrastructure The infrastructure of Macy’s is very strong due to the management team. Macy’s has been divided into four separate divisions. Mississippi, Iowa, Arkansas, Alaska and Nebraska are the only states that do not have a Macy’s. In 2006, Macy’s was spread out into four different geographic divisions; East, Central, West, and Florida. The first division is Macy’s East. It is located in New York City. The states that were considered in the east were Connecticut, Washing, D.C., New Hampshire, New Jersey, Vermont, Rhode Island, Maine, Maryland, New York, Massachusetts, Delaware, and Pennsylvania. Macy’s East then merged into the north. Macy’s north is stationed in Minneapolis, Minnesota. It has 65 stores in eight different states spread throughout the country before its merge with the East. The next division is Macy’s Central, located in Atlanta, Georgia. It has stores located in the Midwest and in the south. The southern division has 136 stores with over 22,500 employed personnel and was based in Atlanta as well. Macy’s Midwest is stationed in St. Louis, Missouri. Before merging with Central, there were 95 stores located throughout the Midwest. Macy’s West is the third division of the company. It is based in San Francisco, California with their stores secured on the western bored. Macy’s West merged with Macy’s Northwest, …show more content…

They secure the materials from the suppliers and make the finished good. The merchandise is finished and transported in the stage of the value chain analysis. In 1994, Macy’s Logistics and Operations (MLO) was established to organize the distribution of merchandise and handling logistics. By 1995, this system was responsible for all duties throughout the company. The system’s main focus is to decrease costs and time in processing products when being distributed. Macy’s is very well known as a leading retailer that uses technology to better their distribution

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