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Summary: The general argument made by Ken Robinson is that public education has become a way to produce college professors instead of students growing up to prosper in what they enjoy doing. More specifically, Ken Robinson is that education itself is though in a way to prepare students for the future, when no one knows on what the future will look like in years to come. Students are all for innovation and in public school with our different talents education seems to squander them. Ken Robinson specifically states that “Children have a go and they are not frightened to be wrong, but public education makes them belief so”. This idea creates children to not belief that they should prosper in any other field but the ones being taught in high…show more content…
There is nothing wrong with vital subjects like Math, English and Science but it has shaped our lives in many years where becoming a math teacher an english major or most importantly a doctor has become the most popular thing to study. However, subjects like Music and Art are barely thought about when one might say he or she wants to become a music artist or an art major. This is often is regarded as un achievable and non reliable for someone to be successful. Creativity is diverse, therefore making it that each of us have talents. For that purpose. We should partake in things that we believe in and things that will contribute to our success. However, public education prepares you to become something you are not and grow out of your creativity. It gives you the false hope that what you have desire to become is something else because you were not taught in a way to prepare for you to exhibit yourself into the world. There are many things that is learned in school, but is soon realized on how eventually we can not use these life lessons in our lives. For example, a person who wants to be a musician is forced to intensely focus on science, math and English when it does not correspond to the musical field. Creativity is something that one grows out of, which by having students study fields that they are not interested only prepares a student to become a college professor as stated by Ken Robinson. Public Education has become the way of leading young students to getting acceptance to college universities instead of understanding what fits best for them. For that reason, I agree with Ken Robinson with the invisibility of creativity in public education only create college professors in which students are taught things that are not part of their
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