Cimabue Compare And Contrast Madonna And Children

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When comparing Cimabue’s Enthroned Madonna and Child and Giotto’s Ognissanti Madonna, one would find that even though the paintings are of the same thing, they have many differences. Cimabue painted Enthroned Madonna and Child in c. 1285 which falls in the late medieval times. However twenty years later, Giotto’s Ognissanto Madonna was created c. 1305, during the early Renaissance. The images that are in the paintings are similar, however they do have differences within them. These differenances are slight between the paintings. However, when compiled up one would say that these paintings are more different then they are similar. To compare and contrast these two paintings can be easy at first looks. However, one could analyze these paintings but to fully understand what is different and why, can be difficult for most. These paintings were created so that they could be viewed by mass groups of people and to last a long period time. That being said, both paintings are massive compared to normal canvas paintings. Cimabue’s painting stands at 12.5 feet tall while Giotto’s stands at 15 feet. While made for a large scale, both paintings are on wooden panels that are viewed behind in chapels. Both …show more content…

They both shave the same features, concepts and ideas behind the paint when compared to each other. However, when looked upon closely one could see that there are many differences. From the colors, styles, and overall pictures there are slight differences that can be seen that make a noticeable difference. Each painting has aspects that one could see when looking at the other. Both art pieces are very incredible and tell a story that is still know to this very day. One could easily tell that both paintings were created in different eras and that the artist used their available resources to create them to last a

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