Mak Endocrinology Career Paper

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When I first started this course, I didn’t really know what to expect. I knew it would educate me on the matters of choosing a career and post-secondary life but I never realized how in-depth it would be. In the end, I learned so much from this course, I now have a post-secondary plan in mind, and I know which path I need to take to get there. When I look back on all I achieved in the two short weeks of this course, I am extremely proud of all I achieved. I hope to use all the profitable knowledge I obtained in this course for the rest of my life.

As was aforementioned, I have learned so much from this course. Out of every assignment and task we completed, I believe that the resume and cover letter were the most advantageous assignments. This is because, to acquire a fruitful career, I need to know how to create marvellous resumes and cover letters. I would be making these for the rest of my life, and getting a working knowledge on how to …show more content…

To become a fully licensed endocrinologist you must undergo many years of education and training. Firstly, I must apply for my undergraduate, which must be in the field of science. After researching many degrees of such sort, I was most drawn to the Life Sciences” course at University Of Toronto. To be admitted u=into such a competitive school I must have an average above 85% and to achieve an automatic scholarship I must obtain a final average above 92%. After completing my bachelor’s degree I can move on to taking my master’s degree which will prepare me for a residency in a medical facility. Which will lead to taking my PhD in endocrinology and finally taking a fellowship for endocrinology. This whole process could take up to 20 years. I am aware of how much dedication and strenuous effort this will require, however I am up to the challenge. It is my desired career, and I will not shy away from the daunting

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