Mamori Mouthguard Research Paper

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One major issue with one of America’s favorite sports, football, is the head injuries that go untreated. With concussions the only person who can tell if they are injured is the player until now, the invention of the Mamori Mouthguard will revolutionize concussion prevention and treatment. The Mamori Mouthguard works through a combination of an accelerometer, a gyroscope and a magnetometer. With these sensors the mouth guard can determine the amount of force the player was hit by. The mouth guard can then relay the message to a computer through a Mamori app. The reason the Mamori is different than other devices that collect the amount of force a player takes because the jaw is where much of the force from a hit is taken. Sensors on a helmet do not accurately measure the force a player takes because it does not take into account the force the helmet redirects away from a…show more content…
This will allow trainers to quickly assess and diagnose a player. This early recognition of concussions is key because they can start therapy early and allow the player to be back on the field with a lower chance of reinjury than a player who had a concussion that was not detected. This technology will also prevent many players playing through the pain because no athlete wants to have to sit out a game over a headache and many coaches will also force players to play with nagging injuries. This invention is significant because many former NFL and collegiate players are feeling the effects of untreated concussions. Boston College University did a study on former NFL players and 33 out of the 34 players tested showed symptoms for Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE). CTE is a degenerative disease found in people with multiple head traumas. Patients with CTE can show symptoms of dementia which include; memory loss, aggression, confusion, and depression. These symptoms is what makes these head injuries a
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