Repetitive Head Injury Research Paper

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Being involved in sports activities should take in consideration the fact that they can they can result in having a serious disease. Having a positive mind set on reaching a goal for athletes really means a lot to them when there goal is accomplished. Repetitive head injury can cause the body of the athletes a problems which then results into a horrible problem into their career. Being hospitalized or even getting there activities of daily living taken away can be hard to athletes to understand because for them they say that their career is over. As a matter in fact the two problems that can happen to a persons is ALS and CTE, not only athletics can get this but people who are involved in the military because they do hard work in their …show more content…

CTE stands for Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy. Encephalopathy can be broken down as “En” meaning in, “Kephale” means head and “pathela” means is suffering. CTE is a progressive degenerative disease which affects the brain of people who receive traumatic hits in the head. Some parts of the brain contains toxic proteins. Toxic proteins are small molecules of proteins that can result into getting a disease on absorbing body tissue by interacting with biological macromolecule such as enzymes or cellular receptors. If the toxic protein spreads to the body then this is where it all starts at first before becoming CTE. Toxic protein is useful in the brain yet, if it gets damaged it eventually leads to an impact in the body. The people who can be diagnosed with CTE is athletes who come in contact with sports such as football or soccer. The symptoms are loss of memories, difficult controlling and impulsive. This disease eventually leads four types of disease such as Parkinson’s, Alzheimer 's, Dementia and Huntington’s. Parkinson’s affects the central nervous system eventually leads to triggering in the hand. Alzheimer 's is a disease that affects the memory and important mental functions. Dementia is when a person think a lot which interferes with their daily functions. Huntington’s an inherited condition when nerve cells starts to lose the ability over a period of time. Athletes who come in contact with sports are more like like to get it because in a game there is usually hitting each other or even getting injured dramatically. Like no other sport there is always a person who gets injured in the head or in the body but the outcome of both are really serious because it can lead to diseases like

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