Manao Tribe Essay

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“Maranao” Maranao means “People of the Lake” or “Lake Dwellers”, which refers to the native people who occupied the ground of the Lanao Lake located between the Lanao del Sur and Lanao del Norte. They are also one of the three and biggest Muslim group native in Mindanao, mostly in the southwestern part. It doesn’t mean that they belong to a Muslim group, they are all Muslims, and there are also some of them who are not. In Wao, Lanao del Sur, there is a festival called Kariyala Festival, which means thanksgiving, and one of the tribe that is being represented is the Maranao tribe. Even though they’ve adapting the society in this modern world, they still have preserved their ethnicity. Some indigenous groups lost their tribe because of today’s society, but for the Mananao, they are striving to preserve what…show more content…
The Maranao have their own way to court a Maranao lady. Like the Filipinos of before, courting a lady is quite difficult because the suitor should be hardworking and also in a Maranao tribe but in addition that the suitor should be a bachelor in town. To marry a Maranao lady is another tradition because the family of man should provide what dowry had announced by the family of the woman. In clothing, Malong is one of the materials they use to the way they dress. Malong is a special kind of cloth, mostly use by woman as their dress, or skirts and also for the others they use it as a bathrobe, baby carriage, fruit basket or it depends on them how they use it. Another tradition is going to the Mosque; occupies 40-44 worshipers. Mosques are churches where the Muslims give thanks and praise to God (Allah). There is also an event for them in every year which is Ramadan. The Ramadan involves fasting, reading of Quran, praising, praying and charity but pregnants and old Muslims where exempted. They have their tradition also that they don’t eat pigs which are written in
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