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When you think of sports, marching band is not necessarily something that comes to mind but should definitely be included in the category of a sport. First, marching band fits the definition of a sport by being physically exerting and requiring skill. A marching band not only consists of band members that play instruments, but also include the color guard. The color guard is a section of the band that does not play an instrument but uses props, flags or other items to enhance the visual appeal of the performance. Most times they can do as much, if not more, work than the members that play instruments. Second, playing in a marching band requires a lot of skill. Band members must march in time while playing music from memory and traveling to…show more content…
Some instruments can weigh anywhere from ten to over fifty pounds(The Register)! This just adds to the strength and stamina required to participate in marching band. Not only do you have to maneuver your body while you march but you also have to carry an instrument that can be quite heavy. The sousaphone is a good example of the extra strength required since it is nearly five feet tall and, depending on the model, can weigh more than fifty pounds. In addition to marching, another skill needed is the ability to memorize your marks (when and where to be at a certain point on the field during the show) and to be able to play your music at a mastered level. All of these skills must be executed while being judged on your every move and note played. Some may argue that marching band isn't a sport because there is no competitive league, however this is quite the contrary. In addition to high school marching bands, there are college level marching bands and professional/competitive leagues such as DCI (Drum Corps International). In college marching bands it is expected that the members are able to play their instrument at a mastered level, making no mistakes whatsoever. In DCI performances become much more advanced. It has been recorded that a DCI member can burn over 700 calories in a single show that lasts eleven to twenty

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