Argumentative Essay: Why Marching Band Is A Sport

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When you think of sports, marching band is not necessarily something that comes to mind but should definitely be included in the category of a sport. First, marching band fits the definition of a sport by being physically exerting and requiring skill. A marching band not only consists of band members that play instruments, but also include the color guard. The color guard is a section of the band that does not play an instrument but uses props, flags or other items to enhance the visual appeal of the performance. Most times they can do as much, if not more, work than the members that play instruments. Second, playing in a marching band requires a lot of skill. Band members must march in time while playing music from memory and traveling to different points on the field at designated times. The definition of a sport includes activities that can be played by an individual or a team. Marching band is a group effort but requires an individual band member to perform to the best of their ability. Without each member fulfilling their part, a marching band’s performance …show more content…

For one, it is extremely difficult no matter what role you play in the band i.e. color guard, percussionist in the pit or other member. Even though some members of the band may exert less energy than others it is really difficult to be in marching band. DCI and other competitive leagues of marching band are proof that marching band is extremely competitive. In DCI every member has to audition every year, and before auditions for DCI you have to make all-state. All-state is a marching band comprised from of the best players in a single state or region. Finally, marching band is physically exerting not only from the activity but also due to the conditions that a show is performed under these can make the performance even more challenging. For all of these reasons, marching band should be considered a

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