The Hard Crack Analysis

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“ Work Hard. Dream Big.” Mark Morris has been dancing since age of 8. Interestingly, he started to choreograph because of the existence of music. He’s able to give the entire first half hour of music for the party scene, the gift giving, the parents and children with the 70s vibe. He has been a choreographer since he was in his teens. A professional choreographer since 1971. He has had a company since he was 24. At 53, he has known adversity and enjoyed countless triumphs and he just keeps moving on. “I’m very tough,” he says. “And I am not not brave. I do this, and we’re very successful.” At the end of a performance by the Mark Morris Dance Group, Mark Morris himself appears on stage, arms flung wide. He takes a swooping, extravagantly theatrical bow to the audience and then turns to salute his dancers. This gesture of thanks is warm, humble and hugely embracing. He’s in sight and comprehensive understanding of music is daunting, and he frequently studies in the compositions he chooses for great lengths of time, to know every …show more content…

It was partially mesmerised by the piece 'The Nutcracker' and wanted to find out more about why ‘The Nutcracker’s music is so interesting. This piece is like a massive dance of about 200 people. He was really ambitious about it. Also, he wanted to have the whole stage full of dancers. The interesting fact was that the under study can be either a guy or a girl. Even though it is mostly the girls dancing, when a guy merges in, no one really knows. He creates a movement on someone but its not fixed. Even though it can be changed, but its not pure improvisation. The piece has a complicated scene of people partying at the Christmas party, audience can choose to watch everyone or audience can choose to watch one person and everything would still make sense. He thinks if it is just a solo, it would be meaningless. This is the intellectual aspect of 'The Hard

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