Marketing Case Study: Sayen Global Sdn Bhd

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Sayen Global Sdn Bhd is a Malaysian licensed multilevel marketing (MLM) company that provides healthcare products, food supplements and cosmetics merchandises via its vast network of mobile stockists. The company’s humble beginnings start in 2005 (your website states 2001 – please check and confirm) when Mr Ng Kin Khuen founded Sayen Global Sdn Bhd the company that supplies healthcare and other wellbeing products primarily serving the Malaysian market through its MLM concept of marketing. By 2012, six years from its inception, Sayen Global enjoyed the continuous support and loyalty of its over 3,000 members that recorded over RM10 million in sales. The company primarily operates in Malaysia and in the latest financial year, Sayen Global Sdn…show more content…
By August 2015, Sayen Global added V-eyes to its range of best-selling products roping in sales of over RM2 million in the first twelve months of its launching. Other goods such as Smart Arch and its range of Natural Care products also received an overwhelming response the time it was marketed. Sayen Global’s consumer care centre formally located at Noble House, George Town, Penang became the headquarter of the operation for close to ten years before it moved to its present location at 383-A and B on Jalan Perak in Jelutong. Together with its network of mobile stockists, Sayen Global has been serving over 3,000 customers a year since 2010. With its range of over twenty different products, Sayen Global managed to carve a name for itself in the Malaysian MLM industry. To date, Sayen Global has sold over ten million bottles of yLifeXtra Nutricell and Prozyme to its customers in the South East Asia region. Sayen Global is currently planning to enter Indonesia and was in the process of obtaining the necessary business licences and permits as of January…show more content…
Wang), a consultant at the World Light Charity Foundation – a charity established in 1993 with the aim of alleviating the sufferings of the poor, the underprivileged, animals and the environment in general. The five maxims include education, health, charity, propagation of tao and the concept of production. In living up to these maxims, the founders of Sayen Global conceived the idea of a business model that emphasises the concept of production with an aim to promote good health and a general well-being. It is with this in mind that Sayen Global was incepted in

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