Sexual Abuse In The Catholic Church

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The Catholic church has been highly respected for centuries throughout the world. But during the 16th century, a German monk named Martin Luther challenged the Catholic church of their holiness and revealed to the world the real truth behind their saintliness. He wanted to let the world know that the so-called righteous were not really as they seemed; they were as identical as the fraudsters we have today. Martin Luther made a clear assertion in his text “The Freedom of a Christian” alleging that the ones who were seen as the godliest, were actually the deceivers. Just because they wore the sacred robes and dwelt in sacred places performing the necessary religious duties didn’t mean that they were the holiest among the holies. He argued …show more content…

Pope Francis has appeared to offer new hope to victims, with a call for action on sex abuse in the church. Under his papacy, a Vatican committee has been set up to fight sexual abuse and help victims. A report by Vatican Radio said that the Pope asked for forgiveness for the “evil” damage to children caused by sexual abusers in the clergy and said “sanctions” would be imposed. If Luther were to be informed about this incident, he would be quite disappointed but not surprised because he was aware of what hypocrites could …show more content…

Missing church on not only one occasion but from time to time causes harm to you spiritually. The soul needs to be fed the word of God in order to thrive internally and spiritually. Church-goers begin to lose their faith in God in certain situations; the main cause is because they irregularly go to church to receive the word of God for hope. Martin Luther stated in his text,
“The word of God cannot be received and cherished by any works whatever but only by faith. Therefore it is clear that, as the soul needs only the word of God for its life and righteousness, so it is justified by faith alone and not any works; for if it could be justified by anything else, it would not need the word, and consequently it would not need faith.” In summary of these points, people need to be mindful of their surroundings and how they live their lifestyles. People will always be liars and hypocrites so it would advisable to choose the right path to be on. Martin Luther has taught as that not everyone is as they seem; we may automatically think some people are unrighteous because they live their life immorally, but they are rather the ones with pure hearts, unlike the saintly people who perform sinful acts behind closed

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