Martin Luther's Views In The Catholic Church

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The Catholic church has been highly respected for centuries throughout the world. But during the 16th century, a German monk named Martin Luther challenged the Catholic church of their holiness and revealed to the world the real truth behind their saintliness. He wanted to let the world know that the so-called righteous were not really as they seemed; they were as identical as the fraudsters we have today. Martin Luther made a clear assertion in his text “The Freedom of a Christian” alleging that the ones who were seen as the godliest, were actually the deceivers. Just because they wore the sacred robes and dwelt in sacred places performing the necessary religious duties didn’t mean that they were the holiest among the holies. He argued that even the people who were seen as unrighteous because they dwelt in unholy places and ate and drank as others did, were rather the ones with pure hearts (34). Martin Luther pointed out that most of these priests were but wolves in sheep’s clothing. Martin Luther’s views can be very much related to a growing number of events happening in the Catholic churches. Various priests are facing charges of sexual molestation towards a minor. They perform these evil acts under the eyes of the Lord yet, they are called ‘holy.’ As it is said in the Bible, in Romans 3:23, “Since all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God,” and “None is righteous, no not one; all have turned aside, together they have gone wrong.”Romans 3[10-12].

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