Marybel: A Fictional Narrative

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Star’s screams echoed all around me. I paused for a moment. Where was she? Was she in trouble? I couldn’t afford to lose another girl, I’m still torn apart from the death of Milk.
Marybel tapped me on the shoulder.
“You really should keep your eyes on your enemy.” she slashed my cheek with her pen, leaving a shallow cut oozing blood. I turned and knocked her hand away before running to Star.
“Sorry, Marybel. I know you look forward to our fights, but I have to go. Star’s in trouble.” I tell her over my shoulder.
“I know. It’s my fault.”
I stop in my tracks and whip around, glaring at her.
“Your fault? What do you mean, your fault?” I stalk towards her and she throws her hand up.
“I was going to tell you before, but there wasn’t time.”
“ You killed Milk! After I gave you my trust, you killed my friend,” I grab the straps of her jacket and bring my face menacingly close, “If anything – and I mean anything – happens to Star, I will personally slit your throat.” …show more content…

“I’d like to see you try, Nova.”
We glare at each other for a minute, the screams of Star growing more and more desperate.
“Tell me, Marybel! Tell me right now what you did to her!”
“Nothing really, I just programmed her to self-combust on my command.”
“You did what?”
“It’s a side-effect of being born with the energy of stars – she can become a black hole.”
Blood drains from my face. Black holes will still be the scariest thing I have and ever will face. No light at all, nothing except for darkness.
“Tell me you’re lying.” I let go of Marybel and stumble backwards.
“Does she sound like I’m lying?”
I didn’t spare a single thought as I hurtled towards my pained

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