Masculinity In The 1950's

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From what we have learned in class about the 1950’s, it is clear to say that this period stands out for being the dawning of a greater desire for masculinity for men as the war time had produced a change in gender dynamics due to the unavailability of men to do jobs that were then given to women. Hence, upon their return, men, began to produce these feelings of masculinity because of the changes that had been put in place along with the hardship of returning to regular life during the postwar time. This also made them develop a desire to define their role in the modern family, which lead them to begin marrying women. These ideas lead into the gender roles set up by society and its citizens during this time. Moreover, from these ideas we obtained …show more content…

The Norge advertisement deploys this idea through the animation of the mother and her daughter cleaning the clothes of the doll. This brings to the mind of the readers of the advertisement that the washing machine will treat even the dirty clothes of the doll with loving care. Moreover, the Norge advertisement bring to the mind of its viewer that if the clothes of dolls need cleaning what about the clothes of a human as it is the humans who are placing the dolls clothes within the machine.
Another meaning of the slogan “Treats everything with loving care” that is deployed by the Norge advertisement is the way in which the washing machine treats the mother with loving care by liberating her from her work. Since the mechanical device takes away the daunting task of hand washing clothes, the machine liberates the mother from this hectic task and lessons her burden. The animation of the advertisement installs this meaning through its depiction of the mother only having to close the machine and press a button after placing the clothes inside

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