Mass Media In Nigeria

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The development of Media and Society in Nigeria Nowadays, the mass media is a product of the society. The character of the society determines to a large of media systems the society will have. In this topic, we will discuss the stages of the development of the mass media in the Nigerian society. Development has become a very important issue in the media circle. In fact, it is believed in some accommodation that development cannot be fully achieved without the active contribution of the media as an institution. The mass media should accept and take out positive development tasks in line with nationally established policy. The media freedom should be open to limit according to economic priority and development needs of society. The media in developing countries should align their interests with news and information in other developing countries that are close culturally, politically and geographically. In the interest of development in the state, media operations can be restricted. Development communication is justified for a number of reasons and can take place at the local, national or international levels. The undevelopment of a society is known as the lack of development. This element establishes the fact that the Nigerian mass media over the years have been influenced by economic, socio-political, and others factors in the course of their operations. In spite of the challenges, a lot of progress has been made in different areas of the Nigerian

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