Mass Shooting In Schools

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Unfortunately, the notion of schools being a safe place is no longer a trend across American schools. Disturbing mass shootings in the U.S continue to shock the media. A school shooting is when someone attacks a school using a gun. The Secret Service says these shootings are "deliberately selected as the location for the attack". The reasons massacres occur in schools is because of poor security, violence in video games/media, and bullying.
No one makes the killer pull the trigger but himself. Shockingly the U.S. has the most school shootings than any other country in the world. According to the FBI, mass shootings occur, on average, every 2 weeks in the U.S. While the cause of school shootings are sometimes unpredictable, it is a growing …show more content…

There are definitely many factors that develop mass killings in schools. One huge variable is the violence adults and young kids see in everyday life. Recently, video games have become a public concern due to the influx of rampage killings. Video games such as Grand Theft auto and Call of Duty are games that promote violence. These games can cause people to think killing other people is acceptable. Also, media coverage on the news can show some very gruesome violence that occurs across the globe. This kind of brutality can give people bad ideas. "Although the video game industry and any of its fans maintain otherwise, studies suggest that, as with violent movies and television programs, a connection likely exists between brutality in games and real-life aggression", according to Paul Keegan from the New York Times. With video games becoming super popular, many experts think that the most realistic video games are getting the most violent students are becoming. Violence in the media can cause copycat crimes. A decade later, the Columbine killings are being repeated by violent plots by people who are obsessed with the duo. If information like this was not accessible then maybe some people wouldn 't have to do it themselves. For instance, the Boston bombing inspired a kid named John LaDue. He said," I would detonate when people were fleeing, just like the Boston bombings, and blow them up too." Fortunately, he was caught by police before he went through with it. This …show more content…

Furthermore, one of the number one causes of school shootings is bullying and abuse at home and at the school. Students who are isolated and who seem to be "different" are more likely to be picked on in our generation. Being tormented daily and made fun of for what you wear can put kids into a depression “For example, although average and rejected boys become equally angered and aggressive when provoked, rejected boys respond more aggressively without justification. Furthermore, once aggression has started, children who are generally rejected by their peers are more inclined to intensify their aggression and less likely to submit than nonrejected children.” according to Mark R. Leary, Department of Psychology, Wake Forest University. In rare cases, these kids want to get revenge on the people who bullied them so they "snap" and think the only solution is violence. In September 2000, at McNary High in Keizer, Oregon, a police officer got a tip that someone was threatening the school. A 16-year old boy named Erik Ayala told another student that "he was mad at 'preps ' and was going to bring a gun in.", according to the author Mark Follman. Bullying can cause kids to have negative physical, school, and mental health issues. A new study based on a survey of more than 15,000 American high school students found that victims of bullying are nearly twice as likely to carry guns and other weapons at school, according to Julia Lurie. Going back to Dylan Klebold and Eric

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