Culture Of American Culture Essay

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U.S. culture is vastly different from other cultures around us. American countries are very materialistic compared to other countries, and we are often seen as a strange, yet powerful nation. What and how we use certain things shape how we are seen by other countries, and how we function as a nation, as a whole. Almost every American uses technology everyday, it is amazing how are nation has advanced over time. Our country functions through technology: texting, Google, Word, social media; this is what makes up our nation. However, we are so much more than this, but it shows you how materialistic of a nation we are.
Almost everyday I use two objects that help me and my family to thrive: a car and medication. These two things are so very important to me, helping me and my mom go place to place in a convenient manner and helping me to function and feel better. These two things are also so important to other people in our culture. …show more content…

If an “outsider” were to come to our country they might have mixed feelings about what we have and use on a regular basis. “Outsiders” might think we are a strange country for driving everywhere we go instead of walking places, and for taking medicine to help us function and feel better. As some countries rely on healing through time, and just walking everywhere. These people would also feel that we are a spoiled, materialistic country that has everything, and takes things for granted, or even that we abuse our society and take advantage of our societies resources. “Outsiders” might think the latter due to the fact that we do drive almost everywhere, and the majority of people in smaller cities don’t walk places if a car is available to them. Also, since when we are handed medicine some overdose and become and addicted to that medicine. These both are reasons “outsiders” might think the way they

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