Media Impact On Social Media

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Today’s age is an age of advanced technology. With boon of internet reaching almost every corner of the world, there has been an immense transformation in each and every field. Be it setting up a better platform of communication or connecting the globe under a common network.Technology has impacted every facet of our life so profoundly that we couldn’t imagine our lives without it. Computers, the Internet, digital cameras, MP3 players, cell phones, and Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs) are just some of the technological advances people use every day. Today’s children are even more technologically savvy about these technologies than young children of the past. The safety of the online social networking is one of the most controversial debates at the moment. The main purpose of the research paper is to study the increasing amount of time youngsters are spending on social networking and its effecton their other activities. Key words: Social networking, youngsters, society, education, effects Introduction Internet has truly contributed in making world much a smaller place to live in.From video chats to video conferencing, from online marketing to socializing via social media, internet has truly and surely been a blessing for the global societies.It empowers its users with instantaneous access to a huge pool of data, tools and the information to accomplish many different tasks. The Internet is used for business and pleasure alike. Here, we discuss the main defining
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