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Today’s age is an age of advanced technology. With boon of internet reaching almost every corner of the world, there has been an immense transformation in each and every field. Be it setting up a better platform of communication or connecting the globe under a common network.Technology has impacted every facet of our life so profoundly that we couldn’t imagine our lives without it. Computers, the Internet, digital cameras, MP3 players, cell phones, and Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs) are just some of the technological advances people use every day. Today’s children are even more technologically savvy about these technologies than young children of the past. The safety of the online social networking is one of the most controversial debates…show more content…
Most children now have access to internet and are using them for everything from playing games to doing schoolwork to chatting with friends via e-mail to surfing the Web. With the increased role of social networking in teenager’s lives has come increased concern about how they may be affected. Time spent on social networking may displace other activities that have more developmental value, and the merit of the social networking based activities has also been questioned. Previous Surveys shows that parents buy computers and subscribe to Internet access to provide educational opportunities for their children and to prepare them for the “information age.” Although they are increasingly concerned about the influence of the Web on their children and are disappointed with some of the online activities their children engage in, such as games and browsing the internet to download lyrics of popular songs and pictures of rock stars.Parents generally view computers favourably, and even consider children without internet to be at a disadvantage. Although research on the effects of teenager use of social networking is still sketchy and ambiguous, some initial indications of positive and negative effects are beginning to emerge.
This paper describes the increasing amount of time youngster are spending on social networking and an effect on other activities. This discussion is followed by a survey of
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• Social networking has increased the rate and quality of collaboration for youngsters. They are better able to communicate meeting times or share information quickly, which can increase productivity and help them learn how to work well in groups.
• Social networking teaches youngsters the skills they 'll need to survive in the business world. Being able to create and maintain connections to many people in many industries is an integral part of developing a career or building a business.
• By spending so much time working with new technologies, youngsters develop more familiarity with computers and other electronic devices. With the increased focus on technology in education and business, this will help them to build skills that will aid them throughout their lives.
• The ease with which a youth can customize their profile makes them more aware of basic aspects of design and layout that are not often taught in schools. Building resumes and personal websites, which are increasingly used as online portfolios, benefit greatly from the skills obtained by customizing the layout and designs of social networking
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