Essay On Mass Shooting

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In today society media has to stop covering these mass shooting also using these stereotypical names to describe these shooter. Media has been influencing more shooters across America to do these violent acts. While others might say that the media has to cover these mass shootings. Over the years it has been proved that the media glamorizes these shooters which motivates others to do the same. America need to figure out a way how stop or decrease these shooting and possibly help these “Troublesome” shooters Media has been racially profiling shooters of color thugs or gang member also terrorist, but then portrays shooters of the white race as troubled or mentally ill, which doesn’t really make sense because why isn’t the shooter of color also troubled or mentally ill. Anthea Butler a professor of religious studies and African studies at the University of Pennsylvania believes that “By labeling white male shooters mentally ill, while shooters of color are thugs and terrorist, the new media reinforces the narrative that the lone wolf is an aberration (Butler).” Media has been using racially biased stereotypical names to describe these shooters which isn’t fair. These stereotypical labels have a caused racial tension in America. Which is giving another …show more content…

Mark covers and investigates gun violence stats that “Most of us are disturbed or repulsed by the image of a killer posing with a gun or sporting a maniacal grin. But aspiring copycats see an antihero who’s gone from being a miserable nobody to a world famous somebody with a few pulls of a trigger”(Falleman). Mark is explaining that other people see these shooters getting all this media attention which motivates them to want the same attention. Hopefully in the near future American media could stop with the racial name when describing shooters of color and white shooters. Also another thing that media could stop doing is giving so much attention to

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