Media Influence On Teenage Relationships

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GRIZLI777 Influence of media on teenagers beliefs and values about relationships. [Type the document subtitle] Cian MacFie 11JN [Pick the date] Contents Characteristics of sound relationships 2 Core beliefs and values in relationships. 4 Examples of beliefs and values in relationships: 4 Different forms of media and how they affect teenagers relationships. 5 To sum up.... 7 Bibliography 7 The influence of media on teenagers values and beliefs about relationships. In modern society approximately 95% of teenagers have or have access to the internet (MARY MADDEN, 2013). And about 80% of teenagers aged thirteen to seventeen own a cell phone (BOERMA, 2014). With such a high amount of young adults exposed to these resources they are…show more content…
Modern day media has an extremely large effect on teenagers, as they are so commonly exposed to it. Media has accelerated the onset of sexual activity in teenagers and increased alcohol and tobacco use as well as violent behavior (VILLANI, 2006). However media has made communication easier and less daunting for introverted teens. This could also cause another negative effect as teens may become too reliant on media and social media for communication and maintaining relationships. • The Internet - The number one form of media that teens are exposed to is the internet. The internet is accessible by 95% of all teens today. This massive exposure to modern day teenagers is bound to have a heavy impact. The internet is a form of media that is easily accessible and easy to use. It can be used to gain access to social media, Newspapers, Studies, Magazines, Books, ect. • Facebook - This form of media is common place in modern conversations and is used to share memories, feelings, ideas, photos, videos, plans ect. Facebook is also used to share other media sources like the latest celebrity on-goings or the latest scandal. Users of facebook are also commonly exposed to…show more content…
Instagram also exposes its uses to advertisements as well as "suggested posts" which show you posts that might "supposedly" interest you. Instagram was also bought by the owner of facebook, making two of the largest social media apps owned by one person and one company. • Television - While T.V. 's envelopment of teenagers time may be diminishing, it is still extremely widely used and may affect us the most. Much of the content on television is perpetrated to show "real life" situations, prompting the viewers especially teenagers to believe that this content is a reflection of how real life situations play out. This has a massive impact on the relationships of teenagers as they may mimic the relationships that are played out on the television e.g. Soap Operas. • Advertisements - And not only the type you see on the street, these also include advertisements in the examples listed above. Advertisements are everywhere we look and its therefore only natural that they affect us. For a simple example they may create unconscious bias in people - "If you see an advertisement with a girl playing with a pink Barbie toy and a boy playing with a blue montertruck you may develop the gender bias that says blue is for boys and pink is for girls". This is how it is possible for adverts to affect us

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