Medical Errors In Iran

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Medical error is deficit servicing or wrong actions in programing or performance that actually or potentially results in an unwanted result. Definitely this definition involves the key areas of error (deficit or committing, programing and application). Medical errors all over the world are considered as main challenges in the health system. Iran’s criminal policy regarding error and criminal liability at the same time with occurrence of Islamic Revolution experienced considerable changes and the result was deep changed in the criminal policy. Developments such as changing in previous values, changing the political and social structure, changing in institutions and judicial courts and versions most of the laws are influential consequences on …show more content…

Lack of precise scientific analyses on legislative developments in medical errors in Islamic Penal Code, according to increasing lawsuits regarding medical violations was the main intention for writing this article. Accordingly in this article we try to answer this question that asks about decreasing the rate of medical violations. Legislative changes of medical errors in Iran’s penal code were analyzed. Considering the stated question, researcher hypothesized that some mechanisms should be created in the treatment and hygiene system of our country to decrease medical errors. Also, developed countries use these methods, for example US has decreased the working hours of medical personnel to increase their working precision. In addition, appointing the supervision system and continuous monitoring is the other strategy of medical deficit in …show more content…

In such cases the issued verdict would not be so ideal, so that referred to the ideas of experts and expert ideas entered in the verdict. He states that fortunately in the Tehran city the court for Medical and pharmacological issues exists and in developing investigations cases for the Judiciary this problem will be solved in the future (NajafiTavana, 2007).
2.2. Complexities of investigating medical lawsuits
Every lawsuit regarding medical cases will be offered to experts to investigate the case. In this regard the main reference of expert is the office of commissions for forensics.
Most of the lawsuits in this respect liberates the medicines and about two third of such lawsuits will be terminated. Meantime there are more lawsuits about public practitioners because they are greater in number, though supporting consumers in the health care are more important, but as much of these cases terminate on benefits of practitioner the question is that what executing guarantee are considered for exonerated practitioners?
2.3. Necessity of restoring dignity from medical

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