Men Against Fire Analysis

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There is a lot of monsters in the world, which can be considered relative to the animal roaches, which if we think about the roaches, we think about something we want to eliminate, usually no one likes to have roaches near them, it would be considered a disease that we would like to eliminate and never have to deal with again. Unfortunately, these roaches are something that are like anyone else, something with two legs, a human. Netflix british series, Black Mirror, the episode called ‘Men Against Fire’ describes how the government works around with what you get to see, which is most likely lies instead of the truth and how us humans fall in a trap that we listen to what the media or the propaganda has to say and base our thoughts about people …show more content…

They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists. And some, I assume, are good people.” There is no other idea than President Trump is trying to convince our country and the people that support him that undocumented immigrants pose a unique threat to our society as they are doing nothing good to help the supremacy of the Caucasian within the United States and although not everyone thinks the same and some people do have common sense and understand and do believe the idea that immigrants are what define America and that we are a nation of values, founded on an idea that all men and women are created equal, no matter on where they come from, or what they look like. One piece of evidence that we have read in class that talks about separating people or treating them difference hence their race is the article written by Michael Owi and Howard Winant named Racial Formation in the United States. Owi talks about how using the ideology of race is a way on how people set up certain ideas on you, he states that “ The very act of defining racial groups is a process fraught with confusion, contradiction and unintended consequences.” This all comes from people making up this idea of people, and I showed earlier there are people that want you to put certain ideas within your head so you can feel a certain way about them, which in this case is feeling negativity against Mexican Immigrants. Something else Owi states within the text is “ Race-making can also be understood as a process of othering, defining groups of people as other is obviously not restricted to distinctions of race. Gender, class, sexuality, religion, culture, language and nationality.” Which to sum it all up is that even if you don't consider yourself racist because you don’t go against certain people there are

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