Merengue Dance Analysis

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Throughout my life music have been very influenced, such as Merengue, Bachata, Salsa and Reggaeton. But, my traditional dance is Merengue. The Merengue dance originates in the Dominican Republic in the population of the African slaves who worked in the cane fields. The Africans gave shape to this dance from the end of the Eighteenth century to the beginning of the Nineteenth century. Furthermore, Merengue is not the only genre of music in the Dominican Republic. There is also Bachata, the one that I like to dance the most. Bachata is a musical genre of dance originating in the Dominican Republic, within what is called urban folklore. It is considered as a derivative of the rhythmic bolero, influenced by other styles such as Cuban son and Merengue.…show more content…
I listen to music and dance almost every day many types of genre. I used to watch everybody dancing in parties and mimic them. Then when the time was passing I learned how to dance Bachata, Salsa, Merengue, Reggaeton and many more types of dance. I like the rhythm of the music too much that everytime I hear music, my body start to move. At the age of 10 I told my mother that I wanted to take dance classes in my free time. I used to go to practice every Saturday and Sunday. At the age of 14, during my sophomore year in High School, I decided to sign up to be a cheerleader and dance for the American football team in school. I also danced in almost every talent show in High School. I have never had a specific category of music. If I have to choose, I would choose cheerful music. Music helps me in many ways in my life, such as escape from the routine of everyday life, to dance, to raise my self-esteem and other aspects. I dedicate many hours to music, I like to feel happy, that is why I listen to music moved and happy the longest. When I have a bad day it helps me to feel good, when I have a good day the music makes me feel even better. Music puts me to sleep in times of fear and Solitude. It is not enough for me to just listen to the music, I also like to dance and enjoy it to the limit until I cannot continue because it helps me to be active. I dance to exercise and forget the stress of college and homework. When I dance and listen to music, it clears my mind and that helps me to think better and faster because in dancing and listening to music I am also exercising my

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