Merits And Differences: The Advantages Of Globalization

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Advantages of Globalization Introduction This essay discusses about the advantages that Globalization brings in, as it makes life easier for everyone. Globalization is a new order development of this world in many ways such that it makes the world smaller, improves business prospects, and enables people to explore different new cultures. The Globalization phenomenon has impacted everyone on at least three fronts, namely, the socio-economic impacts, political impacts, and cultural impacts where the language English plays a vital role. This essay discusses about the advantages that Globalization bring on these three fronts. Globalization Advantages on the Socio-Economic Front (Body 1) On the socio-economic front, the worldwide commercial market becomes flexible and transactions of the international companies transcend beyond countries’ geographical…show more content…
Globalization of the mass media has significantly reduced the global space, enabling the people to be informed about all recent international occurrences through different television channels (“Advantages of Globalization,” 2010). One of the positive impacts of Globalization is the smooth as well as swift transportation of people and commodities to different corners of the world, enabling people to learn and understand other cultures (“Advantages of Globalization,” 2010). In fact, Globalization comprises the dynamic movements of ethnic groups, technology, financial dealings, media images as well as ideological conflicts which are not decided by one harmonious ‘master Globalization and the Nation-State plan.’ Instead the speed, scope as well as impact of these flows are disconnected. That is, rather than the cultural homogenization, it is cultural diversity that Globalization has brought in (Velayutham,
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