Mesopotamian Achievements Essay

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Mesopotamian Achievements Mesopotamia, a large stretch of land found in what is now Iraq was once a breeding ground for innovation. The people of this region had very little guidance in the building of this land. A factor that would challenge them would eventually become their greatest characteristic. The Mesopotamian region would grow into one of the most advanced areas of the ancient world. The people of this plentiful land would be able to create their own ways of accomplishing a task along with their own empires, allowing them to decide for themselves how they will influence an ever-evolving society. The land mass known as Mesopotamia is found between two very important rivers of the ancient world. The Tigris and Euphrates rivers run …show more content…

A strengthening economy paired with an influx of migrants gave the city not only a need for better structures but the capability to create it. The Sumerians started constructing building and making their cities. They would create not only a strong civilization for the population but there would now be a place for trade and enterprise. Sumer would soon become a booming empire where people would travel to trade and sell their merchandise. With more and more people coming into the city states more government was needed to keep the population under control. Although law was important keeping the government in control that was not the most effective way of doing so. Sumerian officials would order large social projects to be put under way. The ziggurats are a great example of this, it is a large stepped pyramid that represented quite a lot about the empire. More importantly, the ziggurats inspired the people of Sumer, it gave them something to take pride in, the ziggurats gave the people belief that their city state was strong. The expansion of Sumer and how it was conducted would influence other societies to build and expand. Later civilizations would strive to be as strong as Sumer, this competition would ultimately grow both empires and allow for advancements across all of

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