Mexican American Culture

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As the united State becoming more of a diversity country, cultural adaptation is becoming the norm, as well as, bicultural identity. “Culture change has traditionally referred to the modifications, revisions, and new manners of expression that result from the process of interaction between cultures.” Robbins,Chatterjee and Canda, (2012) (pg.135).
Back when immigrants of slavery were going on (1619) they was forced to culture adaptation of their master/slave owner. When the slave came over to America they were forced to give up their language, religion, child and spouse. According to Takaki, (1993), “From the earliest English settlement in Virginia during the 1600s, colonists were encouraged to take indigenous children from their parents and teach them English and Christianity because they were deemed to be so wrapped up in the fog and misery of their iniquity.” (pg.33). …show more content…

Nevertheless, Mexican immigrants, take the role of both adaptation of how the American lives, and they live by bicultural identity. e.g Mexican immigrants will sign up for government assistance, as well as, seek out an American physician for their medical needs. They live in the United State but still practice their culture in the United State. Mexican practice their bicultural by, living within the small area compound as other Mexican immigrants. They still practice their own spiritual faith and beliefs within their culture while living in the United

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