Mexican Drug Cartel Research Paper

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The mexican government has been fighting a war with the drug cartel since december 2006.
At the same time, drug cartels have fought each other for control of territory. More than 60,000 people have been killed from 2006 to 2012 due to violence related to the drug cartel.The mexican drug cartels also take in between 19 and 29 billion annually from united states drug sales.The mexican government primary focus is on taking down the drug cartel rather than on preventing trafficking which is left to the united states.The U.S. should help Mexico with taking down the cartel because it also effects the the U.S in drug trafficking

The united states justice department considers the mexican drug cartel to be the”greatest organized crime threat to …show more content…

What we need to do is fix the border patrol and crack down on trafficking through the area. Mexico is the lead supplier of marijuana to the US, hopefully with the marijuana legalization in Colorado and other states it'll stop the need for drugs from Mexico. The obvious observation here is that we are wasting our time by being involved in Mexico.Stop the war on drugs and the cartels will lose power for example the alcohol prohibition that a black market increases violence and gives money and power to the criminals. If we did there would be a drastic decrease in gun violence and have a new major revenue …show more content…

Not only because Mexico borders America but because it's affecting America directly. The cartels has migrated its activities into American cities. Mostly all of the illegal "street" drugs we have here in united states are brought here from Mexico. It would be a different case if this was solely about drugs being imported into America but it's not, the cartels has become extremely violent from advertising beheadings and mass killings online to murdering Mexican officials. Some officials want even bother with the cartel out of fear of retaliation to them or their family.
Mexican-based traffickers smuggle an estimated 500 to 700 metric tons of cocaine into the United states every year. Mexican DTOs or cartels have dominated cocaine-smuggling into the United states increasingly since the 1990s.The united states has also spent more than 1 trillion dollars enforcing drug laws.The cartel doesn't only affect mexico but deeply affects the united states.For example in january 2011 a government report put the total death toll at

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