Mexican Grill's Code Of Conduct Case Study

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Ethical misconduct is nefarious, and its prevention demands periodic introspection of policies and procedures to ensure a safe and distinguished work environment. The potential repercussions of merely one employee’s ethical infraction are severe and include legal issues, damage to reputation, and a diminished bottom line. This essay overviews Chipotle Mexican Grill’s code of conduct and describes methods to ensure adherence thereof; further, this piece depicts the potential advantages that social responsiveness programs could grant if properly implemented. The growth and prosperity of Chipotle Mexican Grill demands steady emphasis on ethical behavior and social responsiveness programs to remain on the leading edge of our industry.

Due to the titanic cultural diversity of our company, varied understandings
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First, the annual Saint Patrick’s Day parade integrates Hispanic heritage into its line-up; this is an excellent opportunity for Chipotle Mexican Grill. Participating in this parade will foster propinquity of the Chipotle brand resulting in amplified revenue. Next, to reduce wasteful behavior, Chipotle will contribute all edible food destined for disposal to the local Securing Emergency Resources through Volunteer Efforts program’s Hunger Resource Center (HRC). The HRC published a list of urgent food needs to include beans, rice, and leafy greens, all of which are surplus items of Chipotle Mexican Grill (Northern Virginia Family Service, n.d.). Lastly, Chipotle will sponsor a team of employees to participate in the American Cancer Society’s upcoming Relay for Life of Prince William County (American Cancer Society, Inc., 2016). Participation in the Relay for Life program will help to further establish our restaurant as a cornerstone in the community by aiding in the fight against

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