Mini Infusion Pump

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A variety of devices and techniques are available for IV therapy such as an infusion pump, syringe pump, mini infusion pump and IV piggyback/tandem. Large volumes of fluid require an infusion pump this is so the nursing staff can control both the rate and amount of fluid or medication that is given to a patient. The amount of fluid or medication that needs to be delivered to a patient can be set on an hourly basis over a period of hours in total, or until the bag of fluid has finished and another one hung up (Koutoukidis, Stainton, Hughson, 2013, p 452). An infusion pump could be used for a dehydrated patient that will require more than one bag of fluids. Using an infusion pump to control the amount of fluid/medication the patient is to receive also assists in preventing circulatory overload (Koutoukidis et al, 2013, p 452). …show more content…

An example of a mini infusion pump is an insulin pump for diabetic kids, and a syringe pump can be used for palliative patients in the hospital setting and nursing homes. These devices are used to reduce the need for repeated injections that would be required especially for children that have diabetes. Also these devices allow for the patient to maintain independence and the ability to carry on with life with little interruption. For the palliative patient the syringe pump may be used as the patient cannot take oral medication or refuses to take oral medication, are nauseated or vomiting or is

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