Intravenous therapy Essays

  • Essay On Intravenous Confusion Therapy

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    1.1 INTRAVENOUS INFUSION THERAPY Intravenous infusion therapy (IV therapy) is the commonly procedure in which liquid substances are directly injected or infused into a vein of the human. This way of administration is the fastest way to deliver fluids and medications throughout the body when compared to any other procedures. These way of administering therapies are normally referred to as Drips in the medical practices Fig 1.1: Patient receiving intravenous medication This type therapy is a very

  • Ethics In The Nursing Profession

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    It is your first day as a nurse. Are you nervous and scared? Did you really make the right decision? Can you handle all the duties and responsibilities? The nervousness, anxiety and indecision are normal. But never lose sight the reasons why you chose to enter this glorious profession. Where else can you use both your heart and your head, be challenged every day, and make enormous lives of others? Nurse is the most rewarding profession not just your job but your career. It is a lifelong journey

  • Nursing Role In Emergency Nursing

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    “Emergency nurses require a strong knowledge base in every area of nursing during their practices, from pathophysiology to psychology, pharmacology, policies and procedures, and everything in between.” (Benner. et al, 2009). Drug administration is a fundamental part of every day in nursing profession. No medication is completely safe and protected in this manner. Therefore, nurses need to have an intensive and broad knowledge of the medications and its method of organization in the compelling treatment

  • Summary: Professional Misconduct In Nursing

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    Introduction Nursing in its entire essence is not only a profession per se but is actually a vocation. A humbling and a rewarding profession that needs a good heart to be able to perform and needs a degree of commitment, discipline and responsibility not only for oneself and also for others. As nurses place value on their commitment to serve, they are also bounded by the profession to be accountable and responsible of ones actions. There is that moral aspect that nurses owe to themselves

  • Critically Ill Patient Analysis Framework

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    1.2 PROBLEM STATEMENT Care of critically ill patient in the ward is a challenging process especially in the low resource countries. This is due to deficiency/ inadequate specialized or competent skilled personnels and absence of monitoring of patients closely. As the nurses are in constant contact with patients, they are in prime position to identifying problems at an early stage with the use of systematic patient assessment According to the standard of care, systematic assessment framework is

  • Nurse Strengths And Weaknesses

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    I have been able to practice skills several times that I have not been previously able to perform such as the insertion of intravenous catheters, wound care, and end of life care. I have gained much insight into what a day in the life of an ICU nurse is like. I was able to take the full patient load by the end of my preceptorship, whereas in the beginning I was like a deer in the

  • Causes Of Water Pollution Essay

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    Diseases Caused By Water Pollution Keyword: diseases caused by water pollution Water is essential to human life. Your body needs water for hydration and to facilitate various functions of the body such as digestion, metabolism, and elimination of waste. However, one of the biggest problems of mankind today is the poor quality of water in many parts of the world. There are many diseases caused by water pollution. These include gastrointestinal diseases, reproductive problems, neurological disorders

  • Essay Importance Of Water

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    Look around you, what do you see that needs water? Tick tock tick tock, got some ideas yet? Water is basically the basics of almost everything; people, animal, trees, flowers, and more! Now think of how YOU use water, you’d probably have a lot in mind right now and your answers might be the same like other people. Water can be found in many forms like the fluid in our body or the juice in fruits. Water can be easy to find in some places but it can also be hard, whether it’s easy or hard to find,

  • Reflection On Being A Nurse

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    My Reflection One of the reasons of being a nurse is showing caring. Milton Mayeroff says caring is ‘helping the other grow’. Caring consists of knowing, trust, hope, patience, courage, honesty and humility. The nurses should show these elements to be caring. For example, the nurses should be patient and carefully to take care disabled clients. There are some change of the roles and responsibilities in nursing. Firstly, the nurses are more professional. Nowadays, the most of the nurses have high

  • Essay On Scarcity Of Water

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    For the survival of living beings, water is important as it plays a key role in our life. Here are the following reasons for which water is considered as the one of the most valuable thing in the world: ● Water is needed to drink while we are thirsty it plays a key role in absorption of nutrients in our body. ● Usually, most of the water that our body requires is obtained from liquids we consume, such as milk, tea, coffee, juice, fruits etc. ● Water helps in eliminating wastes from our body in the

  • Essay About Broken Family

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    Significance of the Study The purpose of the paper is to prove that even if a student belongs to a broken family, they will still be able to perform well in their academics and this struggle is not a hindrance from them, so as to further intensify the program. This study can show that a broken family doesn’t always result to negativity because sometimes, it is a way for a student to be motivated and succeed in life. Rationale A broken family creates an inspiration to study hard because these students

  • Personal Identity In Anita Desai's 'In Custody'

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    Identity allows a person feel secure and complete whether it is social identification as a person from his co- beings or cultural identity by a society including one in once culture or place or even acknowledgement from his own family which allows a person feel unique or particular. Without identity one may feel insecure and lost. So a human always craves for acknowledgement at first from his family then from society and to achieve that he struggles his whole life taking inappropriate and indefinite

  • Essay On Music Therapy

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    Those who discredit music therapy often do so based on limited knowledge on the subject. Often, music therapy is confused with music intervention. Music intervention is the private use of music to help channel emotions and destress. Examples of this would be if someone were to listen to relaxing music after a tiring day, to help re-focus on work and avoid distractions, or students performing music for a nursing home. However, where music intervention and musical therapy differ, is that music intervention

  • Occupational Therapist Goals

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    facilitate effective patient teaching. Another situation that is come across is that the plan of care needs to be adjusted frequently to reflect the changes, whether they be advances or worsening, in the client condition (“Position Statement: Occupational Therapy in Oncology”, 2015). There are situations that arise in the occupational therapists’ profession that can slow down the ability to effectively provide care for the client which is not uncommon in other professions

  • Psychotherapy In Counselling

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    3. Psychotherapy 3.1Definition of Psychotherapy “Psychotherapy is a process within which patients have the opportunity and even the responsibility to express thoughts and feelings that are not easily articulated elsewhere.” (Farber, Barry A.; Hall, Desnee, 2002) According to Jung, Psychotherapy”Is a process through which patients are enabled to discover their own psyche so that it may be brought to full individuation in moving towards the attainment of self through counteracting one-sided development

  • Examples Of Human Error

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    Human error is sometimes described as an incorrect decision, an improperly performed action, or an improper lack of action or inaction. Probably a better way to explain human error is to provide examples from two real marine casualties. Human error can occur in many forms and can even lead to fatal situations. There have been reports of maritime accidents that have occurred solely due to human errors. From small fires that can lead to big explosions to full on collisions, the scale of accidents that

  • Cd Reflection

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    Taking Action Subsequently to finishing my CD, my perception is that my goal was achieved both successfully and with good level of excellence because now I can share relaxing music with people that have the same needs as I do. I believe that is very important to help people with ADHD (Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) to be able to relax whenever they need to study. As my product accommodates all the specifications in it, it means that it matches my criteria. My Global Context

  • Self-Help Books Authors: An Analysis

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    The perspectives or beliefs that people have towards a certain aspect determine whether they will be successful or not. Self-help books’ authors observe that the mind of a human being plays an important role in determining the direction of life that he or she will take. According to Arkowitz and Lilienfeld (2006), self-help books’ authors have perfected the art of manipulating their readers psychologically to make them have the conviction that they can succeed in their endeavors. They insist that

  • Psychology Ethical Issues

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    Psychologists have to adhere to specific rules in the scope of their job to enhance professionalism, offer quality services and ensure the health of their clients improves. However, a number of factors may impact the process and this includes multiple relationships. In this regard, the therapist may be involved in more than one role with the client, and this may have implication on the treatment. For instance, when a therapist is a close relative of the patient such as mother or sibling may influence

  • Drama Therapy Informative Speech

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    ___14/2/15____ Title: ___Informative Speech ___ Topic: Drama Therapy Specific purpose: I want to inform my audience about the way drama therapy is used to help children with psychological and social problems explore their inner psyche. Central Idea: Drama therapy has several core techniques which helps socially and psychologically affected individuals explore their emotions and express them to a therapist. Children benefit from drama therapy as they are able to empathize with inanimate characters