Miracle League Essay

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One time I went to an event where autistic children could play baseball, and it was called Miracle League. The look on their faces was priceless; they were just having a great time. This experience highlights that is it possible for children with autism to get exercise and have a great time! The experience made me think about what I can do to help autistic children have an enjoyable and healthy life. To have a healthy and fun life for children with autism, we need to know the effects of exercise, find good sports, and teach the game correctly, so that they understand how exercise can be enjoyable too.
The amount of exercise affects a child with autism 's health in good and bad ways. When trying to stay healthy, “Physical activity is important …show more content…

When trying to join a game at recess, “the core features of autism – social, communication and behavior problems – can make joining a game of kickball at recess or playing tag with neighborhood kids a struggle” (Sarris). Joining a game of kickball is harder for them to join than a child without the disabilities. However, “by creating an autism friendly environment, the child will not associate exercise with stress, and will enjoy it more and continue to practice it” (Morin). By making a stress free environment, the children will want to practice and play the sport more often. When making a class, “one constructive physical habit to introduce and nurture in children with ASD is swimming and organized swim lessons, which will have multiple benefits for them” (Altenbach-Brennan). Swimming benefits a child with autism in many different ways. One of the ways that swimming benefits them is “the weightlessness of the water allows for greater range of motion and fluidity, and ease of movements” (Morin). The water weight makes the movements easier to do. Swimming is a good sport for children with autism because of the water weight and organized swimming lessons. Also, swimming can create a stress free environment and help them get involved with

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