Miracle's Boys Character Analysis

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Usually siblings argue and blame each other for frolicsome things, not their mother’s death. In Miracle’s Boys by Jacqueline Woodson Lafayette, Charlie, and Ty’ree are orphans. Charlie is indignant at the world because Lafayette was there when his Mama died and Ty’ree was there when his Daddy died. This novel is about three orphaned boys struggling to keep things together.
Lafayette was only 9 years old when he found his mother. He woke up and noticed that his mom was not awake yet so he went to her room to wake her up. He was screaming her name repeatedly. In the novel Lafayette said ““Miss Roberts from down the hall came first,” I whispered. “I was screaming and she came and banged on the door. I was still screaming, but I got up to let her in””. Miss Roberts had …show more content…

Conversely, in all those experiences Charlie was never present. When Ty’ree was talking to Lafayette he had said “Charlie wasn’t there for any of it-for Daddy, for Mama. And it made him mad and helpless.” Charlie does not remember the last things he said to his parents and that's what makes him angry all the time. When Charlie was away Lafayette and Ty’ree “Had each other after Mama died”, but Charlie went back to Rahway and had to grieve on his own. Nevertheless, this makes Charlie jealous of Lafayette and Ty’ree because they had each other and he had nobody. Charlie was talking to Lafayette and said “About the last time I got to see Mama living. I wish the last time had been something else. I wish it had been me sitting on the couch next to her making her laugh” “I wish that was the way she got to remember me. Not with no handcuffs on”. Charlie manifestly wishes for another chance to see his mother. Regardless, when sibling argue and blame they usually realize that it won't get them anywhere and they won't make them any happier. At the end Lafayette, Ty’ree, and Charlie mended their relationship. And perceived that their life is a

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