Miss Rodeo Americ Analysis Of Themes And Clusters

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Of the clusters and themes, there are four that emerged in both ways of analysis: Miss Rodeo America and Conventional Beauty, Agriculture/Western and Western, Sponsor and Sponsors, Rodeo/Horsemanship and Rodeo/Horsemanship. The repetitiveness of themes and clusters highlight the values and ideas that are most important to this organization. One theme was not repeated, Heterosexuality, and there are two clusters that were also not repeated with a theme, MRAI and Education. The MRAI cluster reveals the image that this organization wants to display to the public. This cluster shows that the organization thinks of itself as an authority figure that changes with time and gives amazing opportunities to the young women who compete for the Miss Rodeo America title. MRAI believes it has the right and power to govern the girls that are affiliated with them as well as the contests that will produce the contestants for their pageant. Though, they see themselves as an authority figure they are not opposed to change and talk very highly and frequently of the changes made to make the organization and contest better for everyone affiliated with them. As a provider of scholarships for higher education and letting girls compete for the Miss Rodeo America title, …show more content…

This theme is interesting because it highlights pass contestants and Miss Rodeo Americas whom were once asked not to be married nor pregnant when they were competing, for doing exactly this. Being married, pregnant, and having children. When the women held titles they were asked and expected to be virginal rodeo queens, who did not have time for boys. The organization is saying that it proves of heterosexual gender norms, after a certain period, but not before that. With the images MRAI is reinforcing gender norms and expectations found in rural/rodeo

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