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Introduction I. Attention Getter: Everything we see around us are in boundaries, the smartphones, laptops or TV screens what if I say in the near future there are going to be no boundaries to learn and interact. II. Credibility Statement/Speaker Background: I am Sabal Basnet a Computer Engineering student here at UTA. III. Link to Audience/Motivation to Listen: There are only a few ways to interact with our computer devices be it touch, keyboard or mouse. But soon enough we are going to require none of these and interact with anything or everything in our own virtual space. IV. Thesis Statement: Mixed reality is the future of computers. V. Preview of Main Points: So, today I am going to talk about what mixed reality is, where we are now…show more content…
Mixed reality is a relatively new term to most of us, to understand this better first we need to understand what virtual reality and augmented reality means. A. Virtual reality: Virtual reality as its name suggests immerses a user into a world of its own, the virtual world. With a VR headset, I could be on the top of Mt. Everest without even having to climb it or a character in a movie where I could get the first person view of everything happening around me with all those human emotions and adrenaline kicking in. Although a great experience, that wouldn’t be real. B. Augmented reality: So, let us talk about augmented reality then. AR places digital content on top of the physical world you see around you. For example, with AR you wouldn’t need a phone to view information rather it could be right here floating in front of you. C. Mixed reality: Now that we know what VR and AR is we can understand what mixed reality is. MR is simply a mix of VR and AR. What it does is allow its users to place augmented digital content within their surroundings and interact with them in real time. It also allows a user to create a virtual real world of their…show more content…
So, let us know what developments have been made and where we stand as of now on this technology.) II. Right now, mixed reality is still in its infancy regarding development. A. 1. There are very few devices offering mixed reality with a limited functionality. But the tech world knows where its heading. In an interview with Wall Street Journal editor in chief Gerard Baker, Satya Nadella the CEO of Microsoft said “The ultimate computer for me is the mixed reality. You see the world and in the world, you see virtual objects and holograms” referring to the new Microsoft Hololens which is a one of its kind mixed reality device. 2. Apple is also not far behind in mixed reality, in an interview with the Independent editor David Phelan, the CEO of Apple Tim Cook said “Augmented reality could be the next big thing after smartphones”. Right now, we can only do a handful of things with mixed reality like interact with each other in the same virtual space, create holograms, design anything virtually and see it come to life, see how something would look in your room before even buying it through holograms and even play games within your rooms where characters seem to pop out of your walls or under your

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