Molly: A Narrative Fiction

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There was a girl named Molly, she was in second grade. She was 8 years old and shy. Molly lived in Arizona on a farm. Tony and Mara had known Molly since kindergarten. School was hard for her. She loved it though. She thought she was a nerd because she always had her nose in a book. She was picked on by Patricia and Joan, they were her bullies. Her friends tried to stand up for her when they thought things went too far. Joan shouted after throwing Molly’s stuff on the floor, “Hey everyone! Guess what? Molly’s a nerd! “She chanted. She was sad and embarrassed at what happened. When she got home from being bullied, she got on her tablet and looked on social media and she saw a bunch of messages and they were bad messages that says stuff like, you should …show more content…

The next day, Mara tells Molly that should just tell an adult. She is stubborn and doesn’t. Tony tells her she should ignore them and don’t let them get to her. Mrs. Holly, her math teacher suggested that if anything is going on the first thing to do is tell the counselor. When Joan and Patricia came to lunch that afternoon the names were being yelled to her and her friends. She just tried to walk away but Joan tripped her and her food went everywhere. Every kid laughs and taunts her. She cries and runs to the bathroom and locks herself in there for 1 whole hour, crying her heart out. She was embarrassed so much that she didn’t go to school the next day. When the girls didn’t see her at school they started thinking of plans to bully her even more. Her friends were worried so, they left school early to check on her. She locked herself in her room and kept looking at the nasty messages the girls kept sending her. She hated her life even more than she did before. She didn’t want to exist. Her friends wanted her to forget everything and ignore them. Mara and Tony went to the principal the next morning and they told her what is happening to their

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