Bullied By Jamie Naboznie: Film Analysis

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When the bullying became physical he tried committing suicide and ran away from home twice. Trying to solve the problem, Jamie went to the school's principal for help but she just told him that he had to expect that kind of attention when being different. Years later Jamie went to trial to sue the school for not helping him with his bullying situation. Jamie Nabozny is bullied for being gay just like the many others who are treated differently for being different. Jamie Nabozny shows his difference by admitting that he was gay in 7th grade. After admitting this he started getting harassed. His classmates beat him physically and emotionally. They called him names and sezually harassed him. These unjust things were only done when the bullies knew that something was different about Jamie. The harassments were reactions of other people towards Jamie’s diversity. No one is the same, there will always be a difference. To make matters worse the principal does not stick up for Jamie during these hard times. After Jamie receives beating in the bathroom before school, Mrs. Nabozny arranged a meeting with the principal, the bullies, and the bullies’ parents. At the meeting the principal told Jamie that he had to expect that kind of reaction from people if he was going to be openly gay. “Boys will be boys” she said, and did nothing to stop the boys from beating up Jamie. The principal displays the attitude that people are going to be treated differently because of unique characteristics they have. In addition, people need to understand that everyone is different, therefore they will be treating everyone

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