Mongols Dbq Essay

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It’s the 13th century and a small tribe from central Asia and they are on the rise of conquering many land vast and far. This is the Mongol that is on the rise to conquer land by traveling through Asia, the Middle east, and Eastern Asia. There territory reached from Poland to Korea and Vietnam to Syria. The Mongols was a fearsome tribe that was very barbaric.They were a tribe lead by a man named Genghis Khan a very powerful man. The Mongols were terrible people that lead a large vast land for too long of a time. The Mongols was a tribe that was barbaric and did terribles things. The Mongols were brutal and harsh because they killing th own people if they fled, having as many wives as they want by killing the wife husband, burying people alive, and killing people they didn’t need if the other tribe or group surrender. …show more content…

The Mongols shot prisoners and they buried the prisoners upside down (Doc. 5). The Mongols were brutal because they shot the prisoners which made them feel pain. Also the Mongols buried them upside down which could make them suffocate and they had blood rushing to their head which could make them dizzy, have their heart pump faster, and may have stroke. The Mongols were brutal because if the other tribe or group surrender they kept the people they needed and killed the people they didn’t need (Doc. 3). The Mongols used this cruel tactic to trick the enemy and take the useful people they needed. The Mongols was a small tribe that rose and did many barbaric

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